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Marti Haykin drawing

Yet again,alas and alack, it is one more restless night of hot flashes and night sweats. Gwendolyn laboriously arises only to be confronted by the demonic blare of hormonal imbalance. A few more tick tocks of her biological clock and she finds herself moving slowly down the hallway towards the stairs. It is at that precise moment that she experiences an Epiphany that somehow creates within her a Clarity Consciousness that could only have come from the Power and Glory of Divine Intervention. Gwendolyn's personal transmogrification is finally a fate accompli. In that precise moment, she takes a deep breath, and exhales her past. She is now ready, willing and able to orate her new found Mantra of Freedom: " As for me, at my age, my breasts are quite perky, and I can still strut my stuff, so as far as I am concerned the world can simply kiss my well rounded butt!"


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