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Free For All Books

An exhibition of artists' books for you to download and assemble. Eight artists give you their work, absolutely free.
Print them, make them, and spread them around.

Pati Bristow

Ginger Burrell

Warren Craghead III

Marti Haykin

Adele Henderson

Robert Hirsch

Judith Hoffman

Marc Snyder

This exhibition explores the boundary between cyberspace and "the real world", as the show is only finished when you the visitor have downloaded and assembled your own books. Essentially, the exhibit exists when you create it.
In that spirit, we would love to see your show - let us know where the books live, and send photos if you can!
FREE FOR ALL can be reached at freeforall (at) fimp (dot) net.
We'll post images to the FIMP blog.

All of the books are downloadable pdf files. They are all rather large, so they may take a while to load!
If you are unable to view them, you may need to update your Adobe Reader, which you can do here: